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Real Madrid 2021

New Real Madrid capa. Choose line ups, score the players performances, keep an image data book of the competition and much more for the 2020/21 La Liga and Champions League campaign. Easy to download, you will be able to share the capa on all social media and let everybody know the truth about the match! Click and tap on the players desk and on the capa itself to throw them in and out. And you can customize your capa any time!

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New “Extra” feature adding seasoning to your capa. Add extra slots to fill so you can rate the manager, the match subs or the referee. You will be able to make a statement on the circumstances surrounding the match. Were the officias fair? Did the VAR make the right call? Did the weather affect the performance? Is Florentino to blame for the state of the team? Press the extra button to discover a new world of possibilities on your capa.

You will be able to change the theme of the capa, choose to display the names of the players or the rating stars and all the features of the previous capas such as easy slot trace, formation display and more. The capa can be downloaded directly or you can choose to create the image on a new tab and download it from there manually. The capa is yours to play with. Have fun!