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Qatar World Cup 2022 Ratings

This year is a World Cup Year and to celebrate Capadins premieres three important features in a brand new never seen Qatar 2022 World Cup Capa. With it you will be able to rate National Teams playing this year in the highest of all football competitions. That’s 32 teams and 39 different team crests to play with. You can change the ratings and the qualities being rated in a Capa format called Ratings. And this is just the beginning!

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The most important new feature is the “Link”. With it you will be able to create personal Capas to rate the teams for the qualities you want and send the link to your friends se they’ll be able to rate them too. The Link will display the personal customization that was in place at the time when you copied the Link. Which you can do the traditional way of highlighting or the easy button way. You can now share your capas!

But there is more. Making a splendid debut we have the long awaited Search Function. You may think that this is an overdoing for a Capa with just 32 teams but it is actually much more than that. You can search by name but also by other parameters. Continent, confederation, language… as well as secret crests! Nevertheless this function will be carried into future Capas and was a very much needed upgrade. There is more but for now… Have fun!

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